PF FLYERS Workwear Rambler Hi (Leather)

PF FLYERS Workwear Rambler Hi (Leather)


Equal parts rugged and stylish, The Workwear Rambler Hi embraces its rich history as a tough sneaker, while adding modern detail to its iconic silhouette. Distressed grain leather gives it a weathered appeal, complementing its contrast stitching, dog-ear heel overlay, and workwear inspired textile print lining. From gravel to granite—and everywhere in between—the Workwear Rambler is an uncompromising take on a beloved classic.

• Combination of premium leathers gives this shoe a luxury look with maximum style

• The diamond is a longstanding PF motif on many styles. It can be found embedded in outsoles, sculpted into foxing, printed on insoles and even embedded in the PF logo itself.

• The square, sport green PF heel patch, the most iconic and enduring of PF signals, is a symbol of style and play at its best.

• Contrast stitching

• Distressed grain leather

• Dog-ear heel overlay

• Small dress eyelets

• Work wear inspired textile print lining

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